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2019 Asia hotel and tourism BBS annual meeting and the 14th China hotel starlight award presentation ceremony

Date: 2019-02-27

Borderless and share new opportunities
"Rites" tells us: "all things and education without harm, parallel and not contrary" visible, the progress of civilization depends on seeking common ground while putting aside differences, open and inclusive as are in the hotel industry;Industry's development cannot leave the tolerant spirit and harmony, in the face of market and policy shift, hotel just across the border from the industry, to break the industry blend of estrangement, "new species" innovation in the hotel industry, to develop new opportunities.Break the industry boundary, creating "new species", has become the hotel people continuous innovation of the tacit understanding.

(the main venue of BBS annual meeting)
The 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, challenges and opportunities in the hospitality industry is everywhere.Crossover of different industries, and make the industry constantly produces "new species", how to implement in wave "borderless" development "meimei correlated, and but different" become the focus of concern of the hotel people.Integration platform strength, break the barrier of the industry, the wisdom, the common realization of the hotel industry "shabby bureau, made new road", the common expectation of the industry.

Cut the ribbon (guest)
BBS annual meeting has so far is the 14th Asia hotel, over the years following the industry development, integration platform, together with unique glamour together industry elite "discipline".Accurate reading of industry data, the authority of the investment trend analysis, industry leaders insight, the development mode of intense discussion, will be April 24-25 in 2019 exciting show - $2019 annual meeting and the 14th Asia hotel and tourism BBS, China hotel starlight award presentation ceremony will be held in Shanghai pudong ritz-carlton hotel grand.

(annual main BBS conversation)
New species, a total of innovation and development
In 2018, "borderless" as the theme of the hotel industry, create hotel "new species";Ali with artificial intelligence for the opening "FlyZoo Hotel", jingdong, from the perspective of the "IP" means "unbounded Hotel", WeChat and intercontinental cooperation to build a "smart" Hotel, ctrip to big data layout "show", Shanghai film group launched film culture theme Hotel, the millennium global cooperation with Chelsea football club...The hotel industry will face new change.The whole domain of tourism, the "big traffic" network set up, rise of young consumer groups, etc., bring new opportunities for the hotel industry development;At the same time, challenge conventional OYO patterns, frequent health security, housing prices are "survival"...Industry challenges it exists.In the face of opportunities and challenges, investors will be how to choose?Operating managers will how to change?Cross-border hotel ecosystem and how to build?Worthy of our reflection and discussion.